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Better and faster (de)compression than gzip... soon the new compression standard (but gzip will not dissappear in the next 100 years).

Zstd can be used in the kernel for compression in BtrFs filesystem and memory compression ZRam. Matter of time that it takes over all areas where currently gzip/deflate is being used.

Kernel / initrd compression

With a patch to the vanilla kernel it is possible to compress kernel and initrd with zstd. Although this is not faster than LZ4, it does deliver smaller vmlinuz and initrd.img files...

  • Space savings of kernel ~20% and initrd ~30% compared to lz4

  • Decompression time of initrd increased from about 14 milliseconds to 58 millseconds on SSD
    • on a slow HDD the difference will be smaller
  • (unofficial) kernel patch required as it is not in vanilla kernel (yet)
  • update on initramfs-tools required
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