Quick install - Raspbian-nspawn-64

A combined 32/64 bit "repackaging" of Raspian/Buster. 64 bit kernel with 32 bit Raspbian, with on top of that a 64 bit Debian Buster running in a nspawn container, more info at https://github.com/sakaki-/raspbian-nspawn-64

Can be installed with a single command from the Internet on to a USB stick...
curl -L https://github.com/sakaki-/raspbian-nspawn-64/releases/download/v1.3.0/raspbian-nspawn-64.img.xz | xzcat > /dev/sdX && sync

(not so) Quick Install - Raspian Lite

Download latest Raspbian Lite

wget https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_lite_latest

Post Flash

Fix the annoying Perl warnings, edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config

#AcceptEnv LANG LC_*

Enable ZRAM swap
apt install zram-tools

Disable and remove swapfile
dphys-swapfile swapoff
dphys-swapfile uninstall
update-rc.d dphys-swapfile remove
apt purge dphys-swapfile

Disable and remove bluetooth
apt purge bluez bluez-firmware pi-bluetooth
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