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Kalob integrates (web)mail, calendar, todo, filesharing...

In basis it is a combination of well known and solid opensource software, including Postfix, MySQL and Roundcube webmail for example.

Nothing to add, great documentation at ... for a single all-in-one server setup

Scale down (for small environments)

Not really needed, but the number of daemons can be drastically reduced.

Change /etc/cyrus.conf in order to support "modern" imap with STARTTLS only.
  • disable pop3, pop3s, imaps

Restart cyrus with service cyrus-imapd restart

Trim down the number of apache daemons in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/mpm_prefork.conf.
  • StartServers 1
  • MinSpareServers 2
  • MaxSpareServers 3

Restart apache with service apache2 restart


Scale out to the enterprise!

For SOHO a single server will be sufficient in most cases, but for larger organization you want to have a fully scalable setup. Kolab consists out of about 10 daemons that can all
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