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Basic Exim install

# apt-get install exim4-daemon-light openssl ca-certificates



add the below snippet to /etc/exim4/exim4.config.localmacros
tls_advertise_hosts = *
tls_privatekey = /etc/exim4/exim.key
tls_certificate = /etc/exim4/exim.crt

Mail compression

Dovecot can store/read compressed email in gzip, bzip2, lz4 and xz format (zstd in under development). So if exim delivers it compressed, it will save some space./re

For Ubuntu it is enough the add the below to lines to maildir_home: section of exim4.conf.template
transport_filter = /bin/gzip -8
transport_filter_timeout = 1m 

xz, bzip2 don't compress better than good-old gzip (at least for my inbox)... and decompression with gzip is also faster.

for more mail stuff also have a look at SPFDKIM
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