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Aim is to replace gzip when it comes to HTTP(S) web compression. Major browsers already support it, but only over a TLS/SSL connection. The compression speed is not so great, but brolti compressed content will be smaller than gzipped contend. Decompression with brotli however, is lightning fast...

Zstd is superior over brotli IMHO, but not support by web servers and web browsers (yet).

Accept-Encoding: deflate,gzip, br

Brotli can also be used as a standalone compressor.

Installation standalone


git clone

or download the last release from


mkdir out && cd out
make test
make install

Installation NGINX + Brotli

After installation you need to activate Brotli compriossion in nginx.conf


        # Brotli compression
        brotli on;
        brotli_comp_level 4;
        brotli_types text/plain text/css application/javascript image/svg+xml;

Besides the new header, I don't see a significant performance improvement compared to good old gzip/deflate.
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