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Ports of htpdate FreeBSD Gentoo PLD linux RedHat and Fedora OpenWrt Bent Linux RPM based distributions Ubuntu Links and articles Freshmeat For on Raspberry Pi ...
Changes in 1.0.7 Fixed a part of the incorrect bug fix in 1.0.6. 1.0.6 Bug fix for (Thanks Diego Augusto Molina ...
HTP in C The C version no longer steps in time, but slews (smooth adjust) the time. Htpdate can set/adjust the time offset within 0.5s and 0.5s (or better if multiple ...
HTTP Time Protocol / HTPdate The HTTP Time Protocol (HTP) is used to synchronize a computer's time with web servers as reference time source. The htpdate utility retrieves ...
digraph G { subgraph cluster_c0 {a0 a1 a2 a3} subgraph cluster_c1 { b0 b1 b2 b3; label="Group B"; } x a0 style ...
HTPDate in action This server is synchronized with htpdate too (of course). To give you an impression of the accuracy, the graph below shows the time offset compare ...
Frequently Asked Questions What is htpdate? Read the introduction. Why should I use htpdate? You shouldn't, use ntp if you can. Ntp is much more accurate.... however ...
Statistics for HTP Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: ...
Synchronisation of computer clocks across networks Many implementations exist for time synchronisation between computers over a network. Below you will find a short ...
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HTP Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the HTP web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in . and , and can be ...
Time offset graphs are measured with ntpdate: ntpdate qu Now running htpdate 1.0.4: htpdate Dx dl.xs4all ...
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HTTP Time Protocol (HTP)? HTP is not really a protocol, but uses a feature from HTTP, aka web traffic. According the specifications of HTTP (RFC 2616) a web server ...
HTP in Perl A ntpdate lookalike is available, which does a one time time synchronisation to a web server of your choose. Since version 0.9.1 also a htpd ("ntpd") time ...
HTPDATE version 0.9.1 NAME htpdate Time synchronization (daemon) SYNOPSIS htpdate 046adhlqstD i pid file m minpoll M maxpoll p precision P :port ...
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