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HTP in C

The C version no longer steps in time, but slews (smooth adjust) the time. Htpdate can set/adjust the time offset within -0.5s and +0.5s (or better if multiple web servers are used as time source).
Htpdate can run as a daemon, so the time always stays in sync. The poll interval will be determined automatically, depending on the systematic drift of the computer clock. Htpdate can also be invoked periodically from cron. Look at the manpage for all htpdate options or read the faq for more information.

After htpdate version 0.1 came out, Roy Keene took over most of the development of the C version. Because of multiple platform support (including Microsoft Windows), extended configuration options, documentation, the code has become longer and more complex.

I started all over again with htpdate, using my own version 0.1 as basis, for a new implementation using the "Keep It Simple" principle. Nowadays htpdate has become small, very accurate and still the source code is readable and simple. The code has only been tested on Linux and FreeBSD, but should work on other Unix systems also...

Don't hesitate to report a bug or request a feature.

Source tarball

Version 1.1.0 - Clean up Debian/RPM related stuff... (all changes)


Debian packages

Ubuntu packages

RPM packages

FreeBSD package

All (historical) versions can be found in the archive directory.
A full featured (including authenticating proxy and SSL support) version, written in Perl is available on the download page.
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